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Our belts are used in many transportation, such as maserati, lancia, toyota, lexus, scion, daihatsu, renault, infiniti, nissan, hummer, pontiac, buick, chevrolet, cadillac, suzuki, opel, saab, subaru, saturn, holden, daewoo, MG, rover, volvo. And aslo belts are very popular with drivers.

Timing belt specification:

045ZA100 094MR254 104RU254 113MR250 122MR290
046ZA190 094ZAS190 105ZA190 113MR170 122ZAS190
054ZA190 095ZA190 105MR220H 113MR190 122RU190
055MX127 095ZBS190 105RU254H 113RU254 123ZBS190
057ZA190 095RU190 106ZA190 113RU240 123ZB254
058MR190 095MR170 106MR190 114MR254 123MY200
059RU220 095RU254 106MR220 114MR170 123YU220
062ZB190 096ZB190 106RU240 115ZA190 123MY240
063ZA190 097RU190 107ZA190 115MR190 123RU190
065YU127 097ZA190 107YU254 116YU290 123RU290
066ZA190 097ZA254 107YU160 116ZA190 124S8M220H
068ZA150 097MR198 107YU180 116ZB200 124ZAS254
069ZAS190 097RU254 107YU190 116MR220 124MY260
070MR160 097MR216 107YU210 116MR190 124YU254
070RU160 098ZA170 107YU220 116MR190 124ZBS265
071MR178 098ZA190 107RU240 117RU220 124MR190
075ZB200 098ZB190 108ZA190 117ZA150 124RU240
076ZB190 098FS190 108MR240H 117MY210 124RU290
077ZBS200 099ZB190 108RU254 117ZBS254 124RU260
077ZBS210 099ZA150 108MR170 117MR190 124ZAS180
078MR240 099MY160 108MR318 117RU254 125RU260
078MR190 099YU254 108ZAS150 117MY290 125YU220
078MR220 099MY190 109ZA190 118ZA150 125RU200
079RU190 099YU190 109MY160 118ZB318 125MR190
080ZAS254 100ZA170 109MR190 118MR190 126RU240
081ZBS210 100MY190 109MR220 118MR300 126RU260
082ZA190 101MR170 109MR300 118ZAS190 126YU230
083ZA190 101MR240 110ZA180 119ZBS254 126ZAS254
083ZBS190 101MR170 110YU190 119FS190 127ZA254
084ZA190 101RU300 110ZA254 119ZBS320 127ZBY240
085MR220 101YU160 110MR170 119MR254 127MR190
085ZAS190 101YU200 110MY220 119RU254 127MR254
087ZA190 102ZA190 110S8M220 119RU190 127RU254
087ZB340 102ZA205 110RU254 119ZAS190 127RU240
087MR170 102RU190 110MR210 120ZA150 128MR254
087MR190 102MR250 110MRU210 120ZA180 128S8M190
088ZA190 103ZA190 111ZA190 120ZA190 128YU254

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